14/02/2017 4:06 PM AEDT | Updated 15/02/2017 1:26 PM AEDT

One Nation Candidate Says Marriage Equality A Nazi 'Mind Control' Plot

WA candidate also holds demonstrations outside abortion clinics.

One Nation candidate Michelle Meyers (right) with party leader Pauline Hanson

A One Nation candidate for the upcoming West Australian state election claims the push for marriage equality is a "disingenuous mind control program" using tactics from the Nazis and Soviets.

Michelle Meyers is the One Nation candidate in the seat of Bateman. On her Facebook page -- which is freely accessible online --- she says abortion is creating "societies of cannibals that consume our own progeny", claims LGBTI people are "indoctrinating our kids" and "sexually confused", and says transgender people are "broken".

She also wrote that "all terrorists ARE pretty much Muslims" and that "the 'peaceful' majority [of Muslims] DO support them [terrorists]". In her profile picture, Meyers appears alongside Party Leader Pauline Hanson.

The Huffington Post Australia has contacted Meyers and One Nation for comment.


Website Out In Perth unearthed a Facebook post from Meyers, made last November, where she claimed marriage equality campaigns were seeing success due to "mind control" tactics.

"It's not by accident; it's by a carefully contrived but disingenuous mind control program, melded together by two , Norwegian homosexuals who graduated from Harvard - one of whom has since prematurely passed away," she wrote.

"Utilising many of the strategies developed by the Soviets and then the Nazis, they have gone on to apply and perfect these principles so as to make them universal in their application - but with devastating results considering the counter productive nature of such 'unions'.

This week, Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos praised One Nation as being more "sophisticated" than in previous years, and the WA Liberal Party announced it had cut a preference deal with One Nation.

Digging back further into Meyers' Facebook profile, more controversial posts are uncovered. In one, Meyers shared an image of former U.S. President Barack Obama claiming he was a "terrorist".


In other posts, she calls same sex marriage an "artificial construct", and repeatedly takes aim at LGBTQ people.


Meyers is far from the first One Nation candidate to have controversial social media posts uncovered.

QLD candidate Shan Ju Lin was disendorsed after claiming gay people needed "conversion therapy"; Peter Rogers claimed photos of drowned Syrian boy Alan Kurdi, and the Port Arthur massacre, were faked; John Cox claimed the 9/11 attacks were staged; and David Archibald attacked "lazy" single mothers.


Meyers claimed abortion was "bullying turned into brutality" which was creating "societies of cannibals that consume our own progeny".


Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos this week praised One Nation as being more "sophisticated" than in previous years.

"The One Nation of today is a very different beast to what it was 20 years ago," Sinodinos said on ABC's Insiders on Sunday.

"They are a lot more sophisticated, they have clearly resonated with a lot of people," Sinodinos said.