16/02/2017 12:55 PM AEDT | Updated 16/02/2017 4:58 PM AEDT

'Light' Cocktails Are Here To Tame Your Savage Drunk Soul

Now you have no excuse to skip that Saturday morning workout.

You don't have to be a wellness blogger to know the sugar content of cocktails is up there. But when it's Friday night and the drinks are flowing nobody wants to put on their nutrition hat.

But then the next day rolls around and you thoroughly regret your life choices. Including the Big Mac meal (and extra cheese burger) you needed like your life depended on it in the early hours of the morning.

The good news? Light cocktails are on their way in so you can still enjoy the bubbly and make your Saturday morning circuit class.

"In Australia, we're seeing the stigma around not drinking, or ordering a soft drink becoming less and less," Rosie Mansfield, a Sydney-based nutritionist told The Huffington Post Australia.

So really, it was only a matter of time before the wellness movement infiltrated into the bar.

Ahead, both Mansfield and Peter Nixon, head of Dan Murphy's wine panel explain how to make your drink of choice lighter, without compromising on taste.

You're a rosé drinker

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Yes way, frosé.

You've probably already heard about frosé, then. "Traditionally, you would make frosé with vodka but if reducing the amount of alcohol is the goal, best to skip it," Nixon told HuffPost Australia.

Make sure you choose a dry variety of rosé, Nixon suggests Jacob's Creek Le Petit Rosé, add lots of ice and sweeten with agave syrup.

"Lots of cocktails contain sugar syrup but a great substitute if you are concerned about calories is agave or even honey," Mansfield said.

White wine, all the way

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If you're drinking at home, Nixon recommends two bottles; Brancott Pinot Gris and Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon which have 5.3 standard drinks and 5.9 standard drinks per bottle, respectively.

"Pinot Gris is what the Italians like to call a blank canvas," Nixon said.

"It's great to pair with food and as a young wine, it goes beautifully with oysters."

Nixon said we can expect a resurgence in the wine spritzer and recommends adding soda water to your favourite drop.

Cocktails only

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Americano, the new Negroni.

If you've jumped on the Negroni bandwagon this summer, you'd probably be aware of the high alcohol content.

"There are two standard drinks in one Negroni and if you're having it before dinner, the drinks can quickly add up," Nixon explains.

A better option? An Americano.

"It's still got the vermouth and Campari, so it has a very similar flavour profile to the Negroni but doesn't contain the gin," Nixon said.

Garnish with an orange, some rosemary or thyme and you've got yourself one classy cocktail, that won't leave you on the floor.

You want something completely alcohol-free

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Bubbly minus the alcohol.

Both Nixon and Mansfield agree we'll be seeing more zero alcohol offerings in the form of sparkling.

"Maggie Beer's Ruby Cabernet Spritz is a great example of that, it's 100 percent natural and tastes extremely premium," Nixon said.

If you find it too sweet, simply add soda water or a squeeze of lemon.