The Travel Insurance Company Tackling Australia's Gender Pay Gap

Ladies, a 16.2 percent discount is calling your name.
New York, New York.
New York, New York.

By now you'd be aware that if you're a woman with the same qualifications as a man, doing exactly the same job, it's likely you're being paid up to 23 percent less.

Fair it is not, which is why one Aussie startup is stepping up to the table in a bid towards wage parity by offering a Gender Pay Gap discount on their travel insurance policies.

"Australian women earn on average 16.2 percent less than their male counterparts," Michelle Legge, community manager at Travel With Jane told The Huffington Post Australia.

"As a company with a 50/50 split of male and female employees these kind of conversations around gender equality regularly come up and we wanted to find a way to address them," Legge said.

And what better way to do so than by offering a product that directly benefits women and simultaneously covers the gap half of our population are experiencing?

From Thursday February 16, Australians aged 18-65 can jump on to Travel With Jane, get a quote and choose to take up the Gender Pay Gap discount of 16.2 percent.

"The discount will be available on our full travel insurance product range; basic, comprehensive, annual multi-trip and one way cover," Legge said.

The insurance company offers the Gender Pay Gap discount to women and to customers who identify as women.

"By offering a discount of 16.2 percent on all travel insurance policies, we aim to assist women financially, as well as raise awareness and encourage corporate accountability here, and globally."

Legge explains that while they are aware the discount may court controversy or claims of discrimination, she hopes Australians will see it in a positive light.

Due to certain red tape around the law and discrimination, the discount is available to men too, er, should they feel the need to take it up.

"Travel insurance isn't exactly a 'sexy' space and it's often a grudge purchase for many, but we've always wanted to be disruptive and we hope that by speaking directly to women, we can raise awareness and make a difference," Legge said.

Sounds like a pretty good start to us. Next stop, salaries.