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'Cos Everyone Deserves A Bargain, Here's The Best Time To Book Flights

Europe on the cards? Book your holiday at least six months in advance.

Like Vegemite, holidays are an essential part of the Australian psyche. Which is why knowing the best time to book flights is both helpful and necessary.

On Friday, travel search engine Skyscanner released a report based on flight data and fares over the last two years to reveal the best time to get the cheapest deal as well as when to travel to Australia's top 20 destinations.

To see the findings summed up in one simple infographic, scroll down.

No surprises that travelling in December is exxy, 26 percent more than other months to be exact, while May and November are the cheapest months to travel.

Skyscanner have also introduced a tool anybody can access to better identify the best time to book flights to destinations like Bali, London, Los Angeles, Singapore and more from cities, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

If it's an overseas holiday you're looking for, and you're booking short notice, destinations like Auckland and Bangkok are good options.

But if Tokyo or Singapore are on the wishlist, make sure you book well in advance.

From Sydney to London, look to book up to 25 weeks in advance. But if you're travelling from Brisbane, booking just 21 weeks ahead will get you the best deal.

Take a look for yourself below. Your post-holiday bank balance will thank you.


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