19/02/2017 7:49 AM AEDT | Updated 19/02/2017 7:51 AM AEDT

Alec Baldwin-Linked '30 Rock' Actor Handed In His Resignation To Donald Trump

30 Rock
Maulik Pancholy and Alec Baldwin worked together on "30 Rock." Now they're making their own statements in the Trump era.

Like his “30 Rock” colleague, Alec Baldwin, actor Maulik Pancholy has gone on to join the resistance against President Donald Trump in his own way.

Along with other members of the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Pancholy handed in his resignation to the president on Wednesday, citing Trump’s controversial executive orders affecting refugees and immigrants.

President Barack Obama originally appointed Pancholy to the commission, which works with the federal government to serve Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in the United States. His appointment was scheduled to last through September 2017.

The resigning members released a joint letter, excerpted below:

We can no longer serve a President whose policies aim to create outcomes that are diametrically opposed to our principles, goals, and charge … Since your Inauguration, the Executive Orders you have issued and policies you have promulgated have greatly impeded the ability of the federal government to serve all who live here.

The actor tweeted about the decision earlier this week and has spent the last few days retweeting various follow-ups. 

Pancholy also wrote his own separate note to Trump:

On “30 Rock,” Pancholy played the assistant to Alec Baldwin’s character, Jack Donaghey. Donaghey memorably fired Jonathan without any thought to prove a point to Tina Fey’s character, Liz Lemon.

It must have felt good for Pancholy to tell Trump there would be no “you’re fired” moment, because he’s already quit.

Here’s the relevant “30 Rock” scene: