18/02/2017 6:46 PM AEDT | Updated 18/02/2017 7:37 PM AEDT

Teenager Invited On Stage To Play With Springsteen, Kills It

"Missed school, in the s**t, now can I play Growin' Up with you?"

Melanie J.S.B/Youtube
Skipping school has never been so worth it.

Have you ever scrambled to find the perfect reason for skipping a day of school, university or work? This kid put jamming with Bruce Springsteen on his list of excuses.

A teenage boy held up a sign at Springsteen concert in Brisbane on Thursday saying he had "missed school", was in the sh**t, and if he could play "growin' up" with the 67-year-old rock star.

Melanie J.S.B/Youtube

"Do you know the song," Springsteen asked.

"Yes!" the boy answered.

He was from run-of-the-mill truant to rock-star in seconds, hopping up on stage and immediately strumming Growin' Up. He didn't have bad pipes either, belting out the tune while sharing a microphone with Springsteen.

Springsteen seemed to love it, and didn't miss an opportunity to dispense some musical wisdom.

"Before we continue," Springsteen said. "A lesson."

When I was your age I brought my first guitar, and I realised, it wasn't how well you played it, but how good you looked doing it."

"So I go in front of the mirror trying out different poses."

It was a bloody impressive effort for a high school kid ... so his teachers mustn't be that mad.