20/02/2017 7:40 AM AEDT | Updated 20/02/2017 10:55 AM AEDT

A GIF Of A Guy Blinking Could Be The Reaction To Anything

Happy Monday, love from the internet.

Another week, another weird internet meme. This time a man's surprised reaction, captured on camera has catapulted into the Twittersphere and gone seriously viral.

The reaction is from a clip showing a U.S. gamer reacting to a comment from someone he was playing with. Turns out the internet can do a lot with a couple of seconds of unremarkable vision.

The brief moment has managed to perfectly capture that point when you do a double take and think -- did that person really say that? Have a look for yourself.

According to the website, the clip's been around since 2015 but gained popularity in February 2017 when it was used in a tweet reacting to biology class.

People have now parodied the GIF, applying it to several aspects of life from dating to money woes. The internet can do a lot with a GIF, never forget that people.