20/02/2017 7:54 AM AEDT | Updated 20/02/2017 11:05 AM AEDT

Change.Org Celebrates Five Years Since Its First Petition

For the Tippetts, a petition changed their lives

Six-year-old Sienna Tippett will be allowed stay in Australia after a successful petition.
Six-year-old Sienna Tippett will be allowed stay in Australia after a successful petition.

The father of a little girl with an illness who had to fight to be granted Australian residency has said he is overwhelmed after Immigration Minister Peter Dutton intervened to allow the family to stay.

His is the latest success story from, the petition organisation which marks five years of campaigning this week.

Kai Tippett told The Huffington Post Australia he believes a 30,000-strong petition helped influence Peter Dutton to change his mind after his six-year-old daughter Sienna was denied permanent residency because she was suffering from a "mystery illness" affecting her balance and speech.

A doctor consulting on behalf of the government had deemed she would be a "a burden to the Australian community".

Late last week they received word the decision had been reversed.

It was overwhelmingKai Tippett

"Initially when we started the whole process we weren't too sure if it was going to get any support and it was very negative -- then it was just overwhelming, the amount of support we got from everyone," Tippett told HuffPost Australia.

"It went up to 15,000 signatures within the first 18 hours. It was unbelievable." is this week celebrating five years since its first victorious petition. counts it as a victory when the decision maker agrees to the change asked for by the petition starter. A victory is declared on a petition every 48 hours in Australia, the organisation said.

Major petitions in the past five years






Nathan Elvery, head of Australia, believes politicians are starting to take petitions seriously and issuing official responses to them and agreeing to people's call for change.

"Over the last five years, millions of Australians have signed a petition that has resulted in a victory and a tangible change being made," he told the HuffPost Australia in an email.

The scale and impact of people's petition victories have increased year on year, he said.

"In the past 12 months, thanks to petitions started by everyday Australians, the federal law has been changed, deaths have been prevented and companies have been held to account."