French Waitress Hauls Goanna From Restaurant, No Questions Asked

You go, goanna girl!

A French waitress has shown Australian diners how it's done, saving the day by dragging a giant goanna out of the restaurant she was working in. No questions asked.

The goanna strolled into Mimosa Wines' restaurant on the New South Wales' South Coast on the weekend. At first glance waitress Samia Lila thought it was a dog.

The goanna that's said to have been 180cm long went under a table causing frightened diners to start screaming. Lila then decided to grab it and drag it out.

"I looked at it and thought it was a dog at first! But then I realised it was a goanna," Lila told the Illawarra Mercury.

"I was just like a kid; I thought 'I want to do it, I want to do it'. I know it's bad but it was getting close to customers. I wasn't scared, I like reptiles so was a bit excited," she told the paper.

The French national had previously heard her boss Glenn Butson shed some light on how to deal with the reptiles. Clearly she decided to take his advice.

"I recently told her a story about a goanna trapped in our shower and how I picked it up by the tail and carried it outside," Butson told the Courier Mail.

"She just thought that's what Aussies do when a goanna comes inside."

Lila is extremely lucky she wasn't bitten by the giant creature as their teeth are filled with bacteria, so a bite can lead to a nasty infection, Our Naked Australia reports.

"Goannas are predatory, carnivorous reptiles that will eat small animals, insects and eggs and scavange on rotting meat," the website said.

The video was posted on the winery's Facebook page with the caption "unwelcome visitor in the restaurant today was no match for French waitress Samia ( Goanna Girl )!!".