21/02/2017 3:35 PM AEDT | Updated 21/02/2017 10:54 PM AEDT

Two Singaporean Men Illegally Concealed $500,000 With Steaks And Lamb Chops

They were sentenced to serve time in jail.

JM Talbott via Getty Images
Their chops seem to have failed them.

Two Singaporean men have been sentenced to serve time in jail for attempting to smuggle more than $500,000 in cash out of Australia while using T-bone steaks and lamb chops to cover the smell of the currency.

Ryan Marc Pereira and Edward Choi Gou Hang, both 34-years-old, appeared in the Adelaide District Court on Tuesday and were sentenced to nine and six months in jail respectively after they were found guilty of dealing with the proceeds of crime at Adelaide Airport in December 2016, according to Yahoo 7 News.

The pair were caught in the airport when a sniffer dog detected the money in one of their bags, before police made the meaty discovery.

Pereira and Hang allegedly told police officers they won the concealed $519,000 through gambling, despite only being in Adelaide for two days. That story was later dropped by the men and it is still unknown as to how they came to have possession of the cash.

Pereira's bag was found in December containing more than $270,000 surrounded by T-bone steaks while Hang's bag concealed almost $250,000 alongside a tray of lamb chops.

Pereira will be released from jail on September 4, and Choi on June 4. Judge Geraldine Davison also ordered the pair to relinquish the money.