11 Cartoons About Those Pregnancy Struggles You Don't Really Hear About

“I’m So Pregnant” keeps it real.

An upcoming book of illustrations is offering a hilariously real look into the pregnancy experience.

Line Severinsen has been drawing cartoons since she was a kid. When she became pregnant with her first child in 2012, the Norway-based artist started documenting all of the challenging, unpleasant and even comical aspects of the experience in a series of funny illustrations.

“When I found out that I was pregnant the first time, I spent a lot of time reading up on what I could expect over the next few months, and most of it was just sunshine and positive stories,” Severinsen told The Huffington Post.

“However as the weeks passed, I experienced some of the more negative side effects of being pregnant, and I never saw anyone write about much about that,” she added. “I grabbed my pencils to tell my story about some of the weird and comical stuff that pregnant women actually go through and shared it with my friends on my blog.”

Severinsen also posted the comics on her Instagram account, where they achieved viral fame in late 2015. Now, nearly five years after she began illustrating her pregnancy problems, Severinsen is mom to a 4-year-old girl and almost 2-year-old son. And on March 7, she’s releasing a book of her comics called I’m So Pregnant.

Severinsen told HuffPost she hopes her book cheers up pregnant women the way that drawing the illustrations did for her.

“I went from being sad that my pregnancy didn’t match my expectations of being perfect and problem-free, to being able to see the humor in it,” the mom said. “When I look back at my first pregnancy now, I only remember the happy parts, the feeling of having tiny little butterflies in my belly kicking ― and how hard she would kick my husband in the back at night when we were getting close to the due date.”

Over the years, the mom has received messages from followers thanking her for the honest pregnancy art. “They were so glad that they found my comics, because it showed them that they aren´t alone, and that it usually turn out all right in the end,” Severinsen said, adding, “I’m so happy that my work is resonating with so many people all over the world.”

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