Twitter Destroys Health Blogger Who Dared To Insult Pizza


If you love pizza, very few things in life are comparable to the pure, cheese-filled joy that occurs when you bite into a slice.

But Naija Gym Blog, a health blogger, tried to rob the world of pizza’s unadulterated awesomeness by exposing its caloric underbelly in a total Debbie Downer of a tweet:

We won’t even get into how Naija Gym Blog used the greasiest, unappealing $1 slices in all of New York City for this post, or how there are healthy pizza options out there or that the poster felt so righteous in their food judgy-ness that they also tweeted a freakin’ poll:

Thankfully, the fine “IDGAF” people of Twitter were not having any of this blogger’s foolishness. Instead, they clapped back with a pizza their minds.

Here are the sauciest responses: