22/02/2017 7:20 AM AEDT

Guy Makes Incredible Nametags Revealing Shelter Cats' Secret Opinions

Face it: It can be a little difficult to tell what a cat is thinking.

But thanks to comedian Jeff Wysaski, better known by his online persona Obvious Plant, you don’t have to — at least when it comes to the kitties up for adoption at the Santé D’Or Adoption Center in Los Angeles.

Wysaski made name tags for numerous cats, explaining their quirky “likes” and “dislikes” — with “likes” including cuddling and staring out the window and “dislikes” including “90s garage rock,” “badminton” and “the warlock’s curse that transformed her into a cat.”

Wysaski wrote on Facebook that he “stealthily left” the labels at the shelter, but clarified that “All these cats are real and need a home!”

While the shelter was appreciative of the gesture, staff members did have one minor quibble.

“Thanks for the shout out,” Santé D’Or wrote in a Facebook comment under Wysaski’s post. “Please stop by and see the cats in person. We’d love to chat. However, Obi is a huge fan of improv comedy ...”

You can purrrruse the nametags below, and learn more about the cats up for adoption here.