22/02/2017 9:10 AM AEDT | Updated 22/02/2017 9:59 AM AEDT

Sydney Model Saves Teenagers Who Fell Through Ice In Central Park

The teenagers were reportedly trying to take a selfie when they fell.

An Australian model and his friend have been hailed as heroes after saving a group of teenagers who had fallen through ice into a waterway in New York's Central Park.

Ethan Turnbull and Bennett Jonas were skateboarding through the park when they saw the group go through the ice, struggling to stay afloat in the icy water.

According to Daily News New York, the teenagers wandered on to the ice to snap a selfie, only to discover that the ice wasn't thick enough to maintain their weight.

This image was taken just moments before the incident.

Jonas reportedly jumped in to save the group, aiding them to shore as Turnbull pulled them out of the water, the New York Post reports.

Jonas explained on his Instagram page that seeing the kids screaming for help was the hardest situation he think he will ever be in.

"Six kids screaming for help being pulled down by each other, soaking backpacks and huge jackets -- I had to make a decision to get in the middle of that or watch them drown," he wrote.

"I'm still shaking and am completely shook by what I experienced, but I'm alive and so are six other kids who got very lucky tonight," he said.

"'Right place right time' -- fortunate enough to have been in the position to help multiple younger generation New Yorkers today," Turnbull wrote on his Instagram.

"With out the help of my Buddy @bennett_jonas the outcome of this event would have been much different," he added.

Brandon Sargeant who was rescued from the water has described the ordeal to ABC New York, saying his friend was about to drown.

"The ice was already cracking, so all of us tried to grab (him), because he was in the middle, and then he was panicking. And then when they got the ladder, he pulled the ladder and then everybody fell in," Sargeant said.

Local authorities say the teenagers were all taken to local hospitals to be treated for hypothermia.

The models are being hailed as heroes by the online community and local media for their efforts in saving the group of teens.