23/02/2017 11:51 AM AEDT | Updated 24/02/2017 8:47 AM AEDT

Clive Palmer Shows Incredible Self Control With A Single Tim Tam

He's got willpower than us.

Mining magnate Clive Palmer's social media posts have been a source of endless inspiration over the last few weeks.

His latest feat, documented on Twitter, was nearly superhuman:

Palmer has been open about his drive to lose weight. He previously told The Huffington Post Australia that he had lost 49 kilograms in nine months last year. His main motivation was to be healthier for his family.

"I decided to commit to a healthy lifestyle with smaller meal portions for six months, so I wasn't checking my weight every day or every week, I knew I would stick at it for six months," Palmer said.

"That's long enough for your lifestyle to change, so after that time, you might go out for a big meal and you find you only eat half of it."

His Tim Tam tweet last night raised so many questions with his followers: What kind of Tim Tam was it? How did you stop at one? How did it taste?

He thoughtfully gave us an update on how it all went today:

The former politician rounded out his foodie tweets with this ode to hamburgers:

Amen to that.