22/02/2017 5:06 PM AEDT | Updated 23/02/2017 8:26 AM AEDT

This Is Certainly One Of The Strangest Ways For A Cricketer To Get Out

Weirdest dismissal of the summer.

Channel 9
Such a pity this had to happen to a New Zealander.

Australia just lost to New Zealand in the Twenty20 in Adelaide, and as tempted as we are to pretend that result never happened, there are three reasons we can't.

The first was this unusual incident. It's New Zealand batter Katey Martin getting out in the weirdest way possible. For the record she was out bowled, not stumped.

The second thing we can't ignore is this collision, which kind of summed up how the day went for Australia.

And the third thing? It's that Australia made a horrible mess of its pursuit of New Zealand's meagre 113, being bowled out for 66. At least it will be funny hearing the Kiwis pronounce that number.

The scorecard is here.