24/02/2017 3:37 PM AEDT | Updated 24/02/2017 4:18 PM AEDT

Bill Shorten Made Sausages On National TV And It Got Really NSFW

Condom and premature ejaculation jokes on morning television.

Studio 10

Bill Shorten went on morning television Friday and made condom and premature ejaculation jokes while handling a sausage. That's a thing that happened.

The Labor leader was a guest on Channel Ten's Studio 10 on Friday, joking around through a few painstaking and embarrassing segments. He was quizzed on his political colleagues, got a little bashful when asked to rank Malcolm Turnbull, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott in a 'shoot, shag or marry' quiz, and later got in the kitchen alongside Denise Drysdale and Sarah Harris.

It was this kitchen segment where Shorten let loose with the jokes. He was roundly ridiculed for his unconventional sausage sandwich eating style on election day last year, when he attacked his roll from the side rather than from the end (remind yourself here). Accordingly, he was asked to make sausages from scratch.

It went brilliantly. Ground meat; long thin meat casings; squeezing the mince through a tight hole; this segment had it all.

"See this, Uncle Billy? That's got to go over that," Drysdale giggled, holding up a sausage skin which needed to be rolled over the end of the grinder.

"Can you show me how?" Shorten replied, barely holding himself together at this point.

"How on earth am I supposed to get that, on that?" Drysdale said, the audience dissolving into laughter.

"This reminds me of the 60s."

As the casing went on the end, and Shorten started squeezing the meat from the grinder into what was supposed to become a sausage.

"It's got to go all the way on, otherwise you'll have an accident," Shorten giggled. He just totally lost it as the camera took a close-up view of the ground meat being squeezed into the casing.

"That's never happened before," he said as he failed in squeezing his meat into a tight package.

It's wild stuff. Enjoy your Friday.