Here Are The 10 Most Iconic Oscars Dresses Of All Time. Officially.

Oscars 2017
Oscars 2017

When the stars prepare to step out on Sunday evening for this year’s Academy Awards, they walk in the shiny, perhaps uncomfortable but always dazzling shoes of their predecessors.

For, just as it’s kind of important to an actress’s career whether or not she bags an Oscar on the night, it’s beyond imperative that she takes on the red carpet and bends it to her will.

Many, many have been called. In our (humble) opinion, this select group have been chosen... you may, inevitably, disagree. However, there can be a mere ten names in this particular golden envelope - which is the ONLY reason Celine Dion’s back-to-front man’s white tuxedo jacket is absent from an otherwise complete list...

The Oscars will be presented on Sunday night, 26 February. We’ll be reporting live on all this year’s frocks and shocks from the red carpets, as well as the winners live as they’re announced. Stay tuned!