8 Recipes Every Peanut Butter Addict Needs To Make

There's never such thing as too much peanut butter.

There's people who like peanut butter, and then there's people who can't live without peanut butter.

You know, those who make sure there's at least two backups in the pantry and in the drawer at work. Those who get a little bit too excited when a new type of peanut butter graces the supermarket shelves.

Sound familiar? These peanut butter packed dessert recipes are for you.

1. Layered chocolate and peanut butter banana milkshakes

Everything's made better with peanut butter, especially banana milkshakes. This easy recipe combines thick, delicious layers of peanut butter milkshake mix and rich chocolate peanut butter sauce.

2. Chocolate peanut butter swirl fudge

If you love fudge, then you'll appreciate these easy fudge squares packed with peanut butter, honey and a chocolate peanut butter swirl.

3. Peanut butter Oreos

Make Oreos even more delicious with this decadent recipe, combining chocolate shortbread and a creamy, buttery peanut butter cream filling sandwiched in between.

4. Banana baked French toast with peanut butter drizzle

If you're known to drizzle peanut butter on top of pancakes, porridge and everything you possibly can, try this baked French toast layered with banana slices and topped with a generous drizzle of sweet peanut butter sauce.

5. Peanut butter granola bars

For a glorious peanut butter on-the-go snack, give these granola bars a go. With only seven ingredients, these bars are easy to make and are full of oaty, peanut buttery goodness.

6. Puffy peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips

When you're craving perfectly pillowy, thick and chewy cookies, these peanut butter packed cookies are the answer. And with a short ingredients list and method, they're a cinch to make.

7. Vegan peanut butter cup pie

Okay, this is a peanut butter lover's dream. Imagine a prefectly crumbly biscuity base, topped with a creamy peanut butter filling and finished with an irresistible chocolate ganache topping. Whoa.

8. Salted peanut butter and honey ice cream

Creamy, rich and delicious, this peanut butter and honey ice cream is made with coconut milk and is incredibly easy to make. The best finish to an eight-course peanut butter feast.