27/02/2017 4:26 PM AEDT | Updated 27/02/2017 9:00 PM AEDT

17 Answers To Those Questions You've Always Had About Flying

Why does the food always taste so bad?

Have you ever been resting your head on that makeshift window-rest of yours post take off and wondered what those plane flaps are actually for? Or why you're asked to keep the shades raised?

Us, too.

Humans have long held a fascination for flying. The ins and outs of keeping a 333,400 kilogram Boeing 747 air-born at 33,000 feet remains one of our greatest yet most mysterious feats.

With this comes a whole range of unanswered questions which, depending on your propensity for flying, may buzz around your head each time you jet off.

Or, perhaps they enter your mind around meal time (which often seems to come around rather frequently).

Peter Cade

So, why does the food always taste that bad?

Turns out your taste buds are just as confused as you are. When you're midair, the cabin pressure can reduce your propensity to taste by up to 30 percent, regardless of where you're sitting (or lying) on that plane.

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