27/02/2017 10:34 PM AEDT | Updated 01/03/2017 2:12 AM AEDT

Producer Pictured In Oscars 'In Memoriam' Tribute Is Very Much Alive

This could have been the big mixup of the Oscars on Sunday night until, you know ...

A producer whose picture appeared in the “In Memoriam” segment is actually “alive and well,” she told Variety.

The show had the correct name in the montage ― Janet Patterson, an Australian costume designer and four-time Oscar nominee. But the image showed Jan Chapman, an Australian producer who worked with Patterson on “The Piano” and “Bright Star.” Patterson earned nominations for both films, the Telegraph noted.

Some Twitter users caught the blunder. 

Chapman told Variety she was devastated that her image was used instead of her “great friend and longtime collaborator” Patterson.

“I am alive and well and an active producer,” Chapman wrote in an email to the trade publication.