28/02/2017 2:44 AM AEDT

That Shocking 'Walking Dead' Twist Is All Daryl's Fault

Oh no, not Ne-gan.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Season 7, Episode 11 of “The Walking Dead,” “Hostiles and Calamities.”

“Eu” gotta be kidding me.

The Walking Dead” finally showed us what Eugene has been up to at the Savior’s camp, and it’s apparent the haircut is no longer his worst decision.

Eugene, who saw his friend Abraham killed in front of his eyes by Negan, is now supposedly a Savior. When asked whether he’ll join Negan at the end of Sunday’s episode, Eugene can’t say “yes” fast enough.

After being taken by Negan, Eugene’s life is sweet at the Sanctuary. He’s got his own furnished room, plays video games and gets pickles. Plus, Negan’s wives all love him and he finally seems to get the respect he deserves. 

That’s nice, dude, but seriously ... what? How are you going to betray Rick like that?

In the comics, Eugene is also taken by the Saviors, but he resists giving in to Negan. Later, some Saviors help him escape.

So what gives? It’s all your fault, Daryl Dixon!

Daryl, who isn’t a character in “The Walking Dead” comics, seemingly already took Eugene’s comics storyline: He was taken by the Saviors, resisted Negan and escaped. 

Eugene’s experience at the Saviors’ headquarters is the exact opposite of Daryl’s. Daryl was put in a crappy room; Eugene’s was luxurious (by comparison). Daryl was tortured by listening to “Easy Street”; Eugene actually liked it. 

Daryl already escaped with the help of a Savior, so Eugene, at least for now, is with Negan.

There is speculation that it’s all an act and Eugene is going to double-cross Negan later. For his part, actor Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene, has said in interviews that he doesn’t know what will happen.

But the leader of the Saviors seems too easily fooled in light of certain other events in the episode: First, Dwight’s ex-wife (Negan’s now-wife) Sherry, who had helped Daryl escape, runs away from the Sanctuary. Next, Dwight goes after her and finds a note she left behind for him. He rips off part of it and plants it so Negan thinks Sherry wrote it to the Saviors’ doctor, Dr. Carson. Negan then kills Carson and Dwight is in the clear. Dwight also lies to Negan, telling him he saw Sherry die ― even though he has no idea where she is.

Negan seems to buy all of this.

If Dwight can pull off that nonsense, there’s definitely a chance Eugene is faking his loyalty and Negan is buying it.

Plus, Eugene’s a survivor. He’s lied to survive before.

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