99-Year-Old Woman Gets 'Arrested' As Part Of Her Bucket List, Loves Every Minute

A 99-year-old woman was arrested and placed in a police cell - all to tick another life experience off her bucket list.

Annie was placed in a cell in the Netherlands after contacting the officers in charge.

Several photos of Annie, whose surname has not been published, were posted by the station staff on Facebook.

In the images, she is seen grinning while staff handcuff her and guide her into the cell.

Peter Smit, a lieutenant at the police station, told The Independent Annie was only in the cell for a couple of minutes, adding: “She wanted to be in a police cell because of her bucket list.

“In her life she never committed any crime, and thought it would be exciting to experience.

“As you can see in the picture from our post, she found it hilarious to be in the inside with the handcuffs.”

The photos have been liked more than 3,700 times and have left us wondering what else Annie has planned for her bucket list.

Whatever it is, we hope she keeps smiling.