01/03/2017 9:56 AM AEDT | Updated 01/03/2017 3:20 PM AEDT

Uncle Of Missing Man Pleas For Him To Surrender To Police

Jonathan Dick is wanted in relation to the fatal attack on his brother, David.

Victoria Police
Homicide Squad detectives have intensified their search for Jonathan Dick.

The uncle of a Melbourne man wanted in relation to the fatal attack on David Dick, has made an emotional plea for his nephew to turn himself in to police.

Jonathan Dick is wanted in relation to the death of his 36-year-old brother, who was found dead after he was brutally assaulted at Westfield Doncaster in Melbourne's east on Friday 3 February.

"Jonathan, on behalf of your immediate and extended family I am appealing to you if you see or hear this message to please surrender yourself to police so that the family can know you are safe," the man's uncle John Hird said.

"Everyone in the family is extremely concerned with your welfare and your health so we are all pleading with you to give yourself up, we will all help you in any way possible, you are not alone.

"Please Jonathan, we have already lost one loved one, please don't let us lose another."

Detective Senior Sergeant Julian Horan said that Dick has a history of periodically going missing for days and sometimes weeks at a time, adding that he would often survive on little or no money.

Victoria Police
Victoria Police have said that they believe Dick may be armed with a knife.

Hird's said that his nephew would sometimes travel to Queensland but mostly his whereabouts would remain unknown.

"He was never one to express his emotions or show them so that's the way Jon was, he just seemed a normal person," he said.

"We'd never had a problem or incident with him in all the times we've known him."

On Wednesday, Victoria Police said that a sword had been found in Dick's car which is believed to have been used to carry out the brutal attack on his brother.

The discovery of the sword comes as Homicide Squad detectives intensify their search for Dick, releasing CCTV footage of the wanted man's movements following the death of his brother last month.

The footage shows Dick walking away from his blue 1997 Ford Fairmont sedan in Ivanhoe East carrying a back pack. He is also seen at a bank in Melbourne's north on 18 January, with investigators hopeful that the footage might help someone recognise him.

Victoria Police have said that it is not known where the wanted man has gone as he does not have his mobile with him and has not accessed any of his bank accounts.

He is described as being Caucasian in appearance, 180 centimetres tall with short grey hair and a solid build. He has a tattoo on his right thigh depicting a wolverine vs sabretooth tiger and another tattoo on one of his calves. Members of the public are urged not to approach Dick, who it is believed may be armed with a knife, and should immediately call triple zero.