Here's Why Everyone Is Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

If you can’t handle shots of vinegar but want the health benefits, these recipes are for you.

Of all the vinegar options out there, apple cider is the one loved for its health benefits. It can help regulate blood sugar. It may help reduce weight gain, according to a Japanese study. And it’s also believed to contribute to higher levels of good bacteria in the gut, which can reduce gastrointestinal disease. It’s no wonder folks are taking shots of the stuff.

But before you take up this practice in the name of good health, you should know that downing shots of vinegar is not an enjoyable way to ingest the stuff. (And really, you should be diluting it because the acidity is too harsh for your body.) We know of a better way, a few of them in fact.

Instead of bellying up to the counter, consider trying one of these recipes below. We’ve got a few drink recipe to get you started on your ACV journey ― and a dressing recipe so you can add that health benefit to all your salads and veggies. Plus, an apple cider vinegar gummy recipe, because you deserve it.