02/03/2017 5:23 AM AEDT

Couple's Surprising Ultrasound Reveals A Tiny Rockstar In The Making

Some expecting moms feel they can guess their unborn baby’s features by their kicks, belly position, or morning sickness.

But what happens when one of their first recorded gestures is one for rock and roll?

An expecting Utah couple says that’s exactly what they saw during a February 23 ultrasound that showed their baby pointing two fingers up in the air ― as if rocking out in the womb.

“My reaction was just uncontrolled giggling, followed by disbelief and more giggling,” the expecting mom, Makelle Ahlin, told The Huffington Post by email Wednesday. “My husband was the first one that initially spotted it... He was so amazed and excited by the little rockstar!”

Makelle Ahlin
Rock on baby! One expecting couple's sonogram has an unexpected find.

“She kind of went passed it, and I was just like, ‘Hey, go back, I need that picture!’” her husband, Jared Ahlin, told Fox 13 News. 

The pinky and index finger hand gesture, which is often used to signify rock and roll or heavy metal, is widely known as “the horns.”

Makelle ― who currently has two boys, ages 4 and 2  ― said the gesture, which was snapped when she was 22 weeks along, is so far fitting of this baby’s wild pregnancy.

“The pregnancy has been one I won’t forget. I was so sick in the beginning, which is crazy because with my previous boys it was like I wasn’t even pregnant besides a growing belly,” she told HuffPost. 

Jared and Makelle Ahlin's minds were blown when they saw their baby's ultrasound.

Makelle also described tons of kicking, which first started at 16 weeks, as well as unusual food cravings ― including Pepsi, Doritos and Snow Cab legs, which she said she typically doesn’t care for.

“But I guess in ‘rock star’ spirit he/she is making the world aware that this baby’s ready to party with sleepless nights, fine cuisine, and as a mother I am just hoping no hangovers,” she joked.

This baby’s ready to party with sleepless nights, fine cuisine, and as a mother I am just hoping no hangovers."

As for any skeptics who may think the ultrasound was digitally altered, her husband, speaking to the Salt Lake City TV station, denied such claims, saying that they have the original paper copies that back the image up.