01/03/2017 4:13 PM AEDT | Updated 01/03/2017 5:31 PM AEDT

The Pink Windmill Kids Are Back As Adults And It's Just As Amazing As You'd Imagined

It's still pretty addictive.

Facebook/Comic Relief
You won't be able to turn away.

Remember when the Pink Windmill kids went viral in 2016 and we all couldn't work out why? Now they're back as adults to recreate what could be the weirdest, coolest, most 1980s video trend on the Internet.

From Catrina to Joe to Debbie and Abbie, the whole group minus Spencer are back in a campaign for Comic Relief and Red Nose Day, and it's as glorious as the original.

The 10 singers and dancers, all dressed in 1980s-appropriate pastel-coloured clothing, appeared on Emu's Pink Windmill Show with Rod Hull, a British kids show from 1984 but became an unofficial contender for 2016's meme of the year after going viral in December.

The original clip shows each kid on the variety show enthusiastically introducing themselves before busting out some seriously impressive dance moves.

The video became so weirdly addictive among Internet crowds online, it made its own Twitter moment.

Now, the group is calling for sponsorships for Red Nose Day with the updated adult version and safe to say, people are loving it.

Comic Relief even released a side-by-side version of both of the clips, just in case you want to check out how each of the kids has changed through life.