02/03/2017 9:28 AM AEDT | Updated 02/03/2017 10:31 AM AEDT

Vespa Has Created A Robot To Carry All Your Stuff

Farewell, squeaky old supermarket trolleys.


How often do you take a stroll down to the shops but only grab the bare essentials because you can't be bothered carrying milk, juice and toilet paper home?

Piaggio Group -- the people who make Vespa scooters -- know the pain of having too much stuff to cart around, and so have come up with a wheely good idea -- an 'assisted robot' which follows you, carrying your things.

There's two models in prototype stage at the moment (launch date unconfirmed), called the GITA and the KILO. The GITA can carry up to 18kgs of stuff and will follow you, reaching up to 35km per hour. It can also move independently in a mapped environment (aka you program it).

The KILO is the same deal, just bigger. It can carry up to 100kgs and has extra stability with a third wheel to cater for its size.

The GITA model is the smaller of the two.

The inventors see it being used for grocery shopping, for uni students with heavy books or even to follow you when riding a bike, due to the 35km/h maximum speed. The wheels rotate while keeping the centre cylinder upright, so your stuff doesn't tumble.

As with the segway we are sure there will be some road rule complications, even if used on the footpath, but with driverless cars just around the corner this just might be the future of the shopping trolley.