03/03/2017 7:29 AM AEDT | Updated 03/03/2017 1:25 PM AEDT

SBS Has Recreated The Department Of Finance Ad, With Maximum Awkwardness

Grab your paleo gluten-free baklava and take a look.

When the Department of Finance dropped its graduate program ad on Wednesday, it prompted all sorts of awkward feelings.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the team at SBS's The Feed has hilariously recreated the cringe-worthy ad, titled 'Come work at SBS'.

The spoof recruitment ad for the "national broadcaster of multicultural and multi-lingual programming with an unmatched quality and breadth of service" is, as expected, full of the same artless banter.

Sit back and watch as Mark Humphries makes his way through the office of Australia's most-watched network*.

*By people between the ages of 60-61 who also live in Newtown and speak Bulgarian. (Thanks for watching, Boris.)

Here's hoping that the SBS really does have paleo gluten-free baklava, because it turns out that the Department of Finance only has regular $4 banana bread (but customers can always opt for a $17 paleo breakfast).

Comedian Simon Kennedy has also re-voiced the 'horrid' graduate recruitment ad producing some hysterical results as he details some of the daily dilemmas faced by graduates in the department.