Which Knife Is Best To Use When Cutting Various Foods

Crocodile Dundee approved.

They say a good tradesman never blames his tools, but if you've ever tried cutting a pumpkin with a butter knife you'll know that the type of knife you use makes a difference.

No points for guessing what a cheese knife is for, but do you know when you're supposed to use a bread knife? For slicing a loaf of bread, yes, but the serrated edge also makes it a great choice when cutting up cake or slicing thick skinned fruits and veggies like tomato, peaches and mangoes.

A utility knife is super handy to have in the kitchen, too. It's flat at the top and slight tapered at the tip, while the blade is fine and smooth, not serrated. It's ideal for finely chopping up herbs and other thin or leafy veggies.

For other knives and how to use them, check out the below infographic:

Infographic by Kitchen Knives