What Does It Actually Mean To Be An Introvert? This Video Explains

Introverts have vivid imaginations, which is why then can get stuck inside their heads.

Being either an introvert or an extrovert has become a bit of a thing recently. You'll find heaps of articles floating around the internet on introverted or extroverted personalities, or a mixture of both (which is called an ambivert​).

Though, do you know what it actually means to be an introvert? Focus on this area has increased so much in recent years that introverts now have their own world day, on January 2. It's likely that date was selected as it follows the busy holiday season, which introverts can often find hard.

Introverts have special and specific traits that deserve exploring, and not just on one day each year. For example, introverts actually process more information that extroverts. And in fact, there's four different types of introverts -- which further shows the personality type deserves further research and understanding.

More information about introverts can be found in the above video.