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Margot Robbie, Ultimate Vixen, Set To Play Maid Marian In Alternate 'Robin Hood' Film

The reboot is bringing female heroes to the forefront.

From disgraced figure skater to Robin Hood's love interest, Margot Robbie is set to play Maid Marian in a new stand-alone reboot called 'Marian', this time putting the spotlight on the female heroine.

It'll be set in an alternate Robin Hood universe, one that doesn't include the green tights-wearing rogue but instead, Maid Marian alone, who steps into his shoes to continue the cause.

Sony Pictures have landed the rights, after what has been reported as a heated bidding war. And Robbie, fresh off the set of the Tonya Harding biopic, 'I, Tonya' will also take on a producing role.

Given the world's uncertain climate right now, it comes as no surprise Hollywood directors are all over similar Robin Hood projects. Though 'Marian' is the only once based on the female protagonist.

The story begins after the love of her life, Robin Hood dies. The heroine then picks up the pieces, rising as a legend herself as she leads her village into a pivotal war.

We don't know about you but a female outlaw played by the likes of Robbie sounds like a pretty solid storyline to us (with or without Robin).

More of these please, Hollywood.


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