07/03/2017 9:02 AM AEDT

Pregnant Mom Spoofs Expecting Giraffe In The Most Hilarious Way

Over the last week, millions of people have been glued to a live video of a pregnant giraffe in hopes of witnessing the moment she gives birth.

Now that giraffe has some serious competition.

A South Carolina mom who’s just days from giving birth herself has become an overnight star after making her own hilarious baby watch video that shows her pacing around wearing a rubber giraffe head.

Erin Dietrich, who’s due to welcome baby number four on March 14, posted her Facebook Live video Sunday night. Like April the giraffe’s video, hers too went viral, and as of Monday has amassed more than 13 million views.

“My husband and I were shocked!” she told the Huffington Post Monday after seeing her viewers grow.

Dietrich, who’s a photographer in Myrtle Beach, says she’s been a huge April fan ever since live video of the expecting giraffe was posted on social media by Animal Adventure Park in New York. That’s when a stroke of comedic genius hit her and her husband and they decided to create their own video.

“It was my husband’s idea to order a mask off Amazon and my idea to do a live feed last night to look like April’s,” she told HuffPost.

With her husband behind the camera — at times struggling to suppress his laughter — Dietrich went live from her bedroom around 8:45 p.m. Like any classy female giraffe, she wore a string of pearls as she did an assortment of exercises and occasionally tapped her foot in anticipation.

YouTube/Animal Adventure Park
More than 700 miles north of the Dietrichs' home in South Carolina, April the giraffe is waiting to give birth as well.

Viewers meanwhile playfully analyzed her movements in the comments section to determine whether she had gone into labor or not.

“I did not think this many people would get a kick out of this,” she wrote in the video’s comment section, according to South Carolina station WBTW. “Clearly we live an exciting life over here in the Dietrich house.”

Fans left wanting more of Dietrich’s antics are likely in luck ― she told HuffPost that it’s definitely something they’re thinking about.