Sydney Man Snaps Captivating Images Of Giant Waves Lashing The Manly Ferry

'Great day to be working.'

A Sydney man has captured incredible images of waves hitting the Manly ferry, showcasing Sydney Harbour like you've never seen it before.

The captivating, albeit slightly terrifying images, have been posted on the Instagram account of Haig Gilchrist who works on the boats themselves.

Gilchrist took advantage of the stormy weather last week, using it as an opportunity to snap some photos of the wild weather up close and personal.

"It was only for a few hours it went a bit insane. Made it pretty busy with swell and sail boats," he wrote in the comments of one of the images.

"Great day to be working," he added.

It turns out Gilchrist is an incredibly interesting man. In a profile by Beyond The Wharf he describes himself as a person who lives and breathes the ocean.

According to his profile he currently works as a 'Greaser' on the Manly Freshwater vessel, has a talent for photography (as we've seen) and is fluent in Japanese.

"Japanese people take photos of everything! I thought, 'I wish I had photos of these places I went to.' I just took it for granted. Then I got into keeping records through photography. It's like evidence," he told the website.

"I just try and do something good for the day. Cameras are so portable now. You don't have to carry a big Canon around. From the very start of the day I'm just snapping away."

Shooting down onto the action. #sydneyheads #lovemanly #beyondthewharf #sydneyweather #9weather

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Gilchrist's Instagram page features a number of incredible pictures, showcasing his unique talent for capturing our beautiful harbours and oceans.

Surf was up at Balmoral! #edwardsbeach #balmoralbeach #mosman #sydneyweather #sydneybeaches #9weather

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28 degrees on sunrise time. #sydneysummer #prettycitysydney #dawespoint #9weather #beyondthewharf

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