07/03/2017 3:25 PM AEDT | Updated 07/03/2017 4:07 PM AEDT

These Puppy Ball Boys At The Brazil Open Were The Cutest Helpers Ever

Who's a good ball boy?

If you ever needed convincing that puppies are the best thing ever, look no further than the 2017 Brazil Open in Sao Paulo.

Normally tournaments like the Brazil Open are about, you know, the tennis. But this year that changed after six adorable doggos took to the court as 'ball dogs' in an exhibition match between Brazilian duo Marcelo Demoliner and Joao Zwetsch on Saturday.

The canines were released onto the clay courts to promote two local shelters for abandoned pups, only to forget their duties, charge around chasing tennis balls and have the time of their lives.

And it was just. So. Cute.


The opportunity came as the second consecutive year in which organisers, local non-goverment organisation Cão Sem Dono (meaning Dogs Without Owners) and pet food company PremieR Pet, have used a tennis tournament to find abandoned dogs new homes.

Every single pup from the 'Class of 2016' was adopted last year, and with performances as lovable as the ones this year's group managed, hopes remain high for 2017.

Facebook/Cão Sem Dono