08/03/2017 5:35 AM AEDT | Updated 08/03/2017 10:53 AM AEDT

Hugh Jackman Shares Behind-The-Scenes Clip From The 'Logan' Editing Room

Hugh Jackman is not only extremely good looking, he’s also the only person who truly brings Wolverine to life on screen.  

To celebrate the new Wolverine film, “Logan,” Jackman shared a behind-the-scenes clip from the hit movie. The video shows Jackman with headphones on, pumping his arms and grunting loudly while a running sequence from “Logan” plays in front of him.

He’s likely providing the sound effects editors added into the film later on, but the 30-second clip ends with Jackman smiling (and panting) as he says “hi” to the camera.

It’s thrilling, sweaty and adorable.

Hugh Jackman does not mess around and clearly works hard. Jackman for president, 2020!