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So, This Is How To (Successfully) Deseed A Pomegranate

In under five minutes. With minimal mess.

Pomegranate is a mythical, magical fruit. Think about it. Initially, they just look like weird apples with a nub, but as soon as you open those things you see a miniature world of glistening ruby jewels. And you can eat them.

Buuuut, opening and deseeding a pomegranate is akin to ripping off a particularly stubborn bandage. It's slow, painful and you just don't know if it's worth it.

Good news -- deseeding a pomegranate doesn't have to be a pain. You just need to know these two easy methods.

Method one

If you usually cut a pomegranate in half and begin to slowly excavate one aril at a time, stop. Instead, place the flat surface of the halved pomegranate onto your hand, pick up a big wooden spoon and bash the pomegranate.

Pomegranate perfection, in under five minutes.
Pomegranate perfection, in under five minutes.

This should remove the majority of seeds without any fuss. Check out how to do it during method three in the video above. Tip: do this over a big bowl to prevent your kitchen looking like a murder scene.

Method two

The second method (which is arguably the best) requires a little more knife work, but is FAR less messy.

What you need to do is carefully slice around the top of the pomegranate and remove the skin. Then, make incisions longways down the natural lines of the fruit and break open the juicy segments (geez, this all sounds macabre, doesn't it?).

This method works with the fruit, instead of against it. It's bloody brilliant and oddly satisfying to watch -- take a look.

Now you can enjoy pomegranate arils in every possible dish -- from beautiful salads and pizza, to pomegranate sangria and pistachio cake.


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