08/03/2017 9:21 PM AEDT

Tom Hiddleston Death Stare Fails To Derail Taylor Swift Question

If looks could kill...

Oooooh if looks could kill: Tom Hiddleston
Oooooh if looks could kill: Tom Hiddleston

With a major new film to promote (‘Kong: Skull Island’) Tom Hiddleston has already become accustomed to being asked the same questions over and over again as he hits the promo trail.

But there’s one topic absolutely not up for discussion: his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

One interviewer found that out the hard way during a seriously uncomfortable chat with the British star.

Oooooh if looks could kill: Tom Hiddleston

The 36-year-old actor put in an appearance on the US breakfast show ‘Today’ on Tuesday, but after a bit of chit chat about his latest big screen outing, things took a toe-curling turn.

Yep, presenter Savannah Guthrie went there.

“Don’t kill me for asking,” Savannah proffered, somewhat optimistically. “What was it like to go through all that and be in the public eye?”

Cue a death stare.

A sigh.

A nervous laugh.

Uncomfortable shuffling.

Then THIS response…

“I make a clear distinction between my work, which I absolutely dedicate myself to, which is for the public. I really believe in that relationship between an actor and the audience. You can’t call yourself an actor without the audience. And my private life is private.”

That’s us told.

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It isn’t the first time the actor has had an awkward encounter with an interviewer after being asked about his relationship with Taylor.

Last week things got seriously uncomfortable during a chat with The Telegraph, when he was asked if he regretted “the publicity and gossip the romance engendered”.

A clearly peeved Tom testily replied “What should I regret, in your mind? I would rather not talk about this, if that’s alright?”

Watch things all get a little awkward in the video above.

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