15 Things We Do When We're Bloody Hungry

Give. Me. The. Food.

It happens to the best of us. We forget to pack a snack, a meeting runs over, or we have to wait one hundred years to get a table at a cafe. And once we realise, it's too late.

Hanger sets in.

We all go through similar feelings when we're ravenous. First comes hunger, then anger, sadness, then desperation, and finally, pure bliss when that food finally makes it into our faces.

Sound familiar? Here are 15 things we do and feel when we're hungry.

1. You try to remember when your last meal was

And you're not sure if it actually was long ago, or if you just can't think because you're hungry.

2. You start looking at other people's food like

Even Barb's tuna sandwich begins to look appealing.

3. The rage sets in and quickly consumes every fibre of your being


4. When someone notices your mood change and tells you you're hangry

Don't tell me who I am.

5. You're in a happy place thinking about eating and someone starts talking to you

Caaaan you not.

6. You start questioning every decision that has led to this feeling of dreadful hanger

This. This is how it ends.

7. And you get all spacey

How long was I out for?

8. When you're waiting for a table and another group who arrived after you gets it

Nope. Nope. Not gonna stand for this.

9. Someone says 'I can go a whole day without eating'

Good for you. Now leave.

10. When you're absolutely ravenous and the waiter comes over to say your meals are nearly ready

Bring. Me. The. Food.

11. And the smallest of tasks makes you feel like this

I can't go any longer.

12. You get so hungry you're not even sure you're hungry any more

I don't even wanna eat.

13. But then the food finally comes

This is what we live for.

14. The regret after eating when you realise you've been a horrible hangry being

It was out of my control.

15. And you contemplate getting another round of food just to be safe