This Powerful New Nike Ad Redefines What 'Girls Are Made Of'

We are way more than 'flowers', 'gossip' and 'marmalade'.

Looks like Nike Russia wants to redefine what its “girls are made of.”

A new, powerful ad by NikeWomen features a young girl performing what DesignTaxi called “one of the country’s famous children’s songs” in front of a large crowd.

The song begins by saying that girls are made of things like “flowers,” “gossip” and “marmalade,” all of which garners a warm reception from the audience.

But things take a powerful turn when the little girl on stage changes her tune to include qualities like “self-dedication,” “skill” and “perseverance,” all while strong female athletes dance, box and show off their strength around her.

The ad closes with the little girl on the soccer field, ready to make a goal before the words “You’re made of what you do” and “Believe in more” flash on the screen.

Believe in more, indeed. Check out the ad above.