The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In Under 20 Minutes

Chewy on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside.

There's nothing like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. That caramely, buttery smell, the gooey melted chocolate chips, and the way you can softly break the cookie in half...

A lot of the time, though, choc chip cookies come out of the oven looking like they've been run over by a car. Like delicious cookie pancakes. But these chocolate chip cookies are different.

If your perfect cookie is chewy on the outside and soft in the middle, with a rich buttery, caramel flavour, and studded with lots of chocolate chips, this is the recipe for you. And you only need nine ingredients and 20 minutes.

The key is to use a mix of brown and white sugar for that caramel flavour, proper butter for richness, and adding loads of choc chips, because chocolate.

Here's the full recipe. You're welcome.