10/03/2017 3:29 PM AEDT | Updated 10/03/2017 7:57 PM AEDT

WA One Nation Candidate Margaret Dodd Quits 24 Hours Before Election

She's accused the party of being dishonest to its candidates.

WA One Nation candidate Margaret Dodd has quit the party a day before polls open on election day.

One Nation candidate Margaret Dodd has quit the party less than 24 hours before the West Australian state election, describing Pauline Hanson's leadership as a "dictatorship" that lacks "honesty and transparency".

Dodd, who on Thursday told ABC's 730 program that she believed Hanson was a "Liberal Puppet", also confirmed she will continue to run in the election on Saturday as an independent candidate for the seat of Scarborough.

"I find it impossible to continue to run as a candidate under Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party due to the lack of integrity, honesty and transparency of the party," Dodd said in a statement released on Friday.

"I have only been a member of PHON for four weeks and in this short period I am of the opinion that this party is more adherent to a dictatorship than a democratic organisation and lacks principles.

"PHON in my eyes are not about the WA people and their future but for personal power for Senator Hanson who will do and say anything to achieve her goal at whatever cost.

"This sort of agenda is something I do not wish to be part of therefore I shall take Senator Hanson's advice and leave the Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party."

The resignation comes after Dodd claimed the One Nation Party had been "dishonest" to its candidates over the preference deal signed with the WA Liberal Party.

Dodd took to local Perth radio station 6PR on Friday to further explain her decision.

"This is supposed to be a team and Pauline isn't working as a team, she's telling people what will be done, you have no choice," she said.

"She made that decision with whoever in the eastern states to do a deal without consulting one single member of the party in WA or even emailing us after she'd done the deal. We read about it in The Sunday Times -- that is not democratic."

It was announced in February that the WA Liberal Party would preference Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party above the Nationals in the Upper House country regions in Saturday's election.

The deal, which will also see One Nation preference the Liberals above Labor in all Lower House seats, could potential deliver Hanson the balance of power in the WA parliament

"They should not have been so dishonest. You know? Don't pretend that you're about something and then go and do deals with the Liberals," Dodd told the ABC's 730 on Thursday.

"Unless you're going to be up-front and tell your candidates before they join that you're just a Liberal puppet, don't to it."

While on 6PR, she also said she doesn't consider Hanson as a decent political candidate and claimed she's only interested in garnering political power for herself.

"I'm glad Pauline is not one of them because I would not pass her as a decent candidate. She's pushing for power for herself," she said.

"There's no way whatsoever this woman can sit in the Senate and run every state and be part of every state parliament.

"She shouldn't have any influence, she has nothing at all to do with WA. This is how unprofessional it is."

In response, Party leader Pauline Hanson reportedly said she was welcome to leave the party ahead of the election.

Hanson also appeared on 6PR on Friday, saying she is happy Dodd resigned from the party and called her claims about the One Nation Party leadership "absolute rubbish".

"She's never met me, she came on board with One Nation, why did she come on board? She should have stood as an independent, that's clear," she said.

"It's about team playing, playing with the team and she wasnt prepared to do that.

"This Margaret Dodd, she has her own agenda and I can understand where she's coming from but instead of working with us and working towards winning the seats... You can't have everyone out there pushing their own agenda, it's not going to be the way it is, we're a strong team working together."

With the election less than a day away, Dodd says if she does get elected, she'll be distancing herself from One Nation as an independent minister.

"This is a learning curve for me and I'll certainly have nothing to do with Pauline Hanson again," she said.

"I'm excited about leaving the party because really it's not somewhere where you want to be if you're honest and you've got integrity.

"I'll be certainly distancing myself after this experience because Pauline Hanson is a person that runs that party, no matter what state it is, and I would not like any involvement with that person."

The move also follows the removal of two other WA One Nation candidates in February for critiquing the preference deal, and two more former candidates announce to launch anti-discrimination legal action against Hanson over their dumping from the party.

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