12/03/2017 12:45 PM AEDT | Updated 12/03/2017 3:30 PM AEDT

'No Jab No Play': Turnbull Calls For National Policy On Vaccinations

The federal government will take its plan to COAG.

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has urged to states to take a national approach to vaccinations.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants to stop unvaccinated children from attending childcare centres and preschools across Australia.

Turnbull said on Sunday that he was in favour of a national "no jab, no play" policy that would make vaccinations mandatory for children at preschools and childcare centres.

He called on the states to work together on a national approach to the issue and said he would take the plan to COAG.

"I am calling on the states and territories to support a concerted national policy so that children who are not vaccinated cannot attend childcare or preschool centres," he told reporters in Sydney.

"Our national policy should be no jab no pay, no jab no play."

Turnbull's comments come after One Nation leader Pauline Hanson sparked controversy earlier this month when she indicated could be tested for allergic reactions before being vaccinated.

Hanson later admitted she was wrong and apologised for the comments.