13/03/2017 2:14 PM AEDT | Updated 13/03/2017 4:24 PM AEDT

Folks, It's Been Two Years Since Tony Abbott Ate The Onion


ABC Vine
Yum yum.

On March 13, 2015, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott tucked into that onion, skin and all, on a visit to a farm in Tasmania.

Abbott took a tour of the Charlton Farm Produce, near Devonport, two years ago this Monday. With cameras rolling while he checked out the fresh produce, the PM picked up a raw onion, and took a hefty bite into it.

With just one chew, Abbott created what remains one of the most enduring memories of his entire administration. He became 'the Minister for Onions'.

"I may have said 'it's a shame they weren't peeled' and he just started eating it," David Addison, the manager of the business, said afterwards.

"It was just spontaneous and there weren't even any tears."

News reports from the time were merely perplexed and a little confused by the PM's lunch choice, oblivious to how pivotal and enduring this moment would become in Abbott's political history. It spawned a million memes. It made its way to John Oliver, who couldn't believe his ears when he heard the story, during a standup show he did in Australia not long after it all happened.

Then, of course, we found Tony eating a second onion.

When Abbott was ousted as PM by Malcolm Turnbull, people started the #PutOutYourOnions hashtag in memorial:

We just can't believe it's already been two years since Tony ate the onion. How time flies.