13/03/2017 7:51 AM AEDT | Updated 13/03/2017 8:46 AM AEDT

SNL Mocks Ivanka Trump With 'Complicit' Fragrance Ad

'I bet when she watches Titanic she thinks she's Rose. Sorry girl, you're Billy Zane.'

Facebook / Saturday Night Live

Scarlett Johansson has played Ivanka Trump in a hilarious Saturday Night Live ad which mocks the first daughter of the United States, holding her accountable for her father's actions.

The skit, which is for Trump's perfume 'Complicit', unfolds like any typical high-end fragrance ad, while taking aim at Trump's self-proclaimed feminism and her ignorance over her father's misogyny.

'Complicit' is "for the woman who could stop all this -- but won't."

"She's a woman who knows what she wants. And knows what she's doing," the seductive voice-over says.

"She doesn't crave the spotlight, but we see her. Oh, how we see her."

It isn't the first time that SNL has mocked Trump's daughter and adviser, but it's latest skit has not shown any hesitation in attacking her feminist advocacy without reservation.