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A Power Outage Halted Adele's Show In Adelaide On Monday Night

The timing was less than ideal for the state.

Concert goers are having a field day after a power outage stalled Adele's latest concert in Adelaide on Monday night.

Lights and backing music cut out at Adelaide Oval, with Adele telling the 70,000 concert goers that the show was experiencing "technical difficulties".

After filling the four-minute window with her usual spray of jokes, the songstress later called out the "revolving stage" as the reason behind the power cut.

The unfortunate technical glitch came the night before the South Australian government is expected to unveil a "dramatic" intervention in the state's new energy strategy -- timing concert goers (and a few politicians) were not going to ignore.

South Australian MP Chris Picton joined in on Twitter, with Labor Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis quick to fire back.

It comes as South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill and Koutsantonis on Tuesday morning unveiled a new energy strategy for the state.


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