03/03/2017 8:51 PM AEDT | Updated 07/03/2017 4:30 PM AEDT

Eagle Armed With A GoPro Hunts A Fox, And It's Intense

You don’t want to be a fox when a golden eagle’s around.

It’s clear from this video that eagles do not mess around. 

Watch as a golden eagle with a GoPro hunts a fox. “Hunt” might even be too generous a word. The eagle is like a fox-seeking drone missile, homing in on its prey.

The clip comes from a short film called “Eagle Hunters In A New World,” which GoPro also posted online.

The film is about the Burkitshi eagle hunters in Mongolia.

The description states: 

“On the Western plains of Mongolia a nomadic group of Kazakhs continue the ancient practice of hunting with golden eagles. The Burkitshi are a small and dwindling community, eager to pass on their traditions in the face of growing modernization in Mongolia.”

Watch the full film here

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This article has been updated to remove a more specific regional reference due to inconsistencies in where GoPro’s website locates the event.