13/03/2017 3:36 PM AEDT | Updated 15/03/2017 1:01 PM AEDT

Comedian Tackles Ugly Double Standards Of Victim-Blaming In New Skit

“You look quite provocatively wealthy ... Just a bit of an invitation, isn’t it?"

Comedian Tracey Ullman tackled the double standard many women face when reporting sexual assault in the latest episode of her BBC One show, taking aim at the unfair way responsibility is often shifted onto victims. 

When a well-dressed man tells Ullman, who plays a detective, that he was mugged at knifepoint, the comedian begins investigating his outfit. 

“You look quite provocatively wealthy. ... Just a bit of an invitation, isn’t it? Like you’re advertising,” she says with little sympathy.  

Ullman has even less empathy for a man who went to the station to report he’s been receiving threatening emails for months. 

The video, posted to Facebook on Sunday, clearly resonated with audiences: It has more than 9 million views and more than 215,000 shares.

“Guys, is dressing provocatively in expensive suits whilst having too much to drink causing you to get mugged?” the caption of the video asks.

Watch the hilarious sketch in the clip above.