14/03/2017 5:20 PM AEDT | Updated 14/03/2017 8:09 PM AEDT

Ewan McGregor Is As Sick Of The 'BB' Gay Character Panic As You Are

"He's a gay character, it's 2017 for f--- sake."

Facebook/The Late Show
Ewan McGregor has addressed the sexuality rumours of 'Beauty And The Beast' character LeFou.

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor has reacted in the best way possible to the controversy surrounding a Beauty and the Beast character involved in an "exclusively gay" moment in the upcoming film.

Appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, McGregor addressed the sexuality of fellow cast member Josh Gad's character, LeFou, saying he considers him gay despite the lack of confirmation featured in the film.

"I think he's a gay character. It's just like, he's a gay character, it's 2017 for f--- sake, you know," he said.

The comments come after details of the "exclusively gay" moment in the film were uncovered to be a scene where LeFou, the right-hand-man of the film's villain Gaston, dancing with a male soldier "dressed and made up as a woman by a cheeky enchanted wardrobe" during the film's closing scene.

The film's director Bill Condon has also previously claimed LeFou would have feelings of confusion surrounding his romantic feelings for Gaston, which are hinted at in subtle ways throughout the story.

And if you still aren't quite sure who LeFou actually is, let us refresh your memory with the cheery character from the original film.

Beauty And The Beast is set to hit cinemas around Australia from March 23.