Paddle Pop 'Caramel Choc Dip' Flavour Is Back And YAAAY!

Talk about a tasty throwback.

Just when you thought all the fun of summer was done and dusted, Street's goes and throws a spanner (or should that be a small wooden stick?) in the works with the most epic flavour return of all time.

Yes, chocolate Paddle Pops are still great and Rainbow is okay (just), but who remembers Caramel Choc Dip from years gone by? It was the most perfect mix of, well, chocolate and caramel.

The flavour is back because you asked for it. People Power!

Artist's impression -- not the real ice-cream.
Artist's impression -- not the real ice-cream.

"We have been inundated with letters, calls, emails and social media requests from fans asking us to bring back their favourite flavours and the popular Caramel Choc Dip was high on that list. Paddle Pop resonates with so many Australians across young and older generations. Now Aussies have the chance to revisit their cherished memories of the brand and share them with even younger generations too," Scott Mingl, Senior Brand Manager for Streets Ice Cream said in a brand statement.

Thanks Scotty, you're a legend. Now can you quit it with this limited edition stuff and make them permanent?